Infographic: The Clue user threat landscape

Jan 12, 2024
Our latest visual highlights the expanse of evolving threats Clue users face daily.

At the heart of Clue is a global community of over 5000 dedicated investigation and intelligence professionals.

Spanning diverse sectors such as government, law enforcement, NGOs, sports, and corporations, these professionals share a common purpose – safeguarding organisations, individuals, and society from harm.

Our newly unveiled infographic paints a clear picture of the expansive and evolving threat landscape confronting our users. Clue is used against a vast spectrum of wrongdoing from the harrowing depths of human trafficking to the subtleties of insider threats, environmental crime to animal cruelty, and the black market of match manipulation to the deceitful realm of fraud.

At Clue, we are noticing a few current trends concerning the threats our customers are dealing with:

Increasing threat volumes: The volume of challenges, particularly in fraud, is growing significantly. The sheer magnitude of these issues necessitates a primary strategy of prevention.

New threats are emerging: We are seeing the emergence of new threats that were not prominent just 18 months ago. Examples include the discussion around sanctions, concerns about deepfakes, and the potential misuse of AI. These threats highlight the dynamic and evolving nature of security challenges.

Interconnected nature of crime: A criminal organisation involved in match manipulation, for example, is likely to exhibit a broad range of other criminal behaviour. That might include money laundering, drug trafficking, modern slavery, human trafficking, corruption, and food crime. This interconnectedness emphasises the importance of a connected and collaborative response among law enforcement and investigative communities to prevent criminals from exploiting disconnected efforts.

Working together to protect society

Our infographic underscores the scale of the challenges faced by our users and illuminates the tremendous opportunity for collaboration among investigations and intelligence professionals. Clue plays a pivotal role in combating threats that transcend sectors and offers a collaborative platform for professionals to exchange insights and strategies as an investigations and intelligence community.

In upcoming blogs, we will delve deeper into each sector, unravelling the unique challenges they encounter and the innovative ways Clue assists in overcoming them. In the meantime, you can learn how some of our customers are using Clue in the video below.

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