The leading investigation and intelligence management software trusted by investigation professionals globally.

We help governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies, sports organisations and non-profits detect, investigate and prevent wrongdoing.

Detect threats and act early

Detect threats and act early

Faced by an overwhelming amount of data and evermore complex threats, Clue allows you to gather all your data sources into one application for easy and straightforward management. Structured and searchable datasets help you develop a rich pool of intelligence, while Clue proactively alerts you of connections and threats as new information is added.

Agile investigations with confidence

Agile investigations with confidence

We have a lot of experience in helping organisations improve their approach to investigations and intelligence. With our guided and configurable workflows, you can quickly conduct robust and compliant intelligence operations and investigations - from first referral to a closed case.

With custom dashboards, one-click reports, and secure data exchange with partners, you have full control and oversight of your operations.

Achieve justice

Achieve justice

Clue is dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcomes from investigations, and that doesn’t just mean achieving prosecutions.

With Clue, you will uncover insights into your decision-making processes and identify intelligence trends and patterns, use your resources to better effect, and prevent threats from occurring in future. Meanwhile, we’ll help you share knowledge and best practice by connecting you with a global community of investigation professionals using our software.

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Clue is trusted by 5000+ investigation professionals worldwide, spanning law enforcement,
government, not for profit, corporate and sports organisations.

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“Our implementation of Clue is a significant success story ... We came together to achieve something that transcends our individual organisations."

NHS Counter Fraud Authority

Join a global community with Clue Connect

Connect, collaborate, and enhance your approach to intelligence and investigations.

Clue Connect is our online hub for intelligence and investigations professionals to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and access exclusive events and resources. Connect with peers in your sector and beyond on the topics that matter most.

What makes us different

We're leaders in best practice

Our law enforcement heritage has established us as industry leaders, setting the highest standards for investigative excellence and best practice. Our shared knowledge and experience provide deep understanding of current and developing threats the solutions required to confront them.

We're strategic with our software

Our application simplifies your approach to investigations with clear workflows and intuitive tooling while ensuring efficiency and compliance. Our solution proactively alerts you of connections in your data, eliminating the need for time-intensive searches.

We're at the heart of the ecosystem

We are committed to facilitating open yet secure data sharing across organisations and systems. Our API and reporting tools make data exchange seamless, while we advocate for interoperability of investigative technology in national UK tech forums.

We engage our community

Community engagement is fundamental to our leading the future of investigations and intelligence management. We actively unite professionals across our user base to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration and direct our product vison.

Our customers are diverse

Our system is effectively utilised by a diverse user base spanning a rich variety of organisations, sectors and geographies. Clue is designed to be configurable to meet the needs of each user, while addressing shared requirements for effective intelligence and investigations.

We're focused on intelligence & investigations

We offer a single, dedicated solution for investigations and intelligence management. Our application can be deployed rapidly, configured to specific use case and flexibly scaled to meet changing requirements.

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