Protecting against malicious insiders

While organisations focus on guarding against external dangers, the real threat may lurk within.

Insider threats, emerging from trusted individuals with privileged access, pose a risk to people, facilities, and sensitive information. Whether it’s intentional sabotage, compromised credentials, or careless mistakes, the impact can be devastating.

Clue’s leading intelligence and investigation software helps organisations detect and thwart insider threats, offering a proactive defence strategy that ensures early detection and swift action.

Secure reporting mechanisms

Enable secure reporting mechanisms to gather information directly from within your organisation or the public, ensuring trust and confidentiality.

Early response to threats

Develop a holistic intelligence framework with Clue to identify and evaluate risks and threats promptly. Through streamlined referral triaging, Clue facilitates early intervention, helping you thwart the escalation of wrongdoing and potential threats.

Comprehensive investigation management

Manage investigations seamlessly with Clue’s end-to-end intelligence and investigation capabilities, ensuring adherence to criminal justice standards and generating actionable outcomes.

Secure data sharing

Adhere to national standards like the National Intelligence Model, organising and sharing intelligence securely across Clue instances via encrypted links, fostering collaboration with partners.

Risk assessment solutions

Utilise Clue’s intelligence and data insights to generate thorough risk assessments and reports, enhancing your risk management strategies.

Bring intel sources together

Clue’s entity-centric design unifies intelligence sources and investigative materials, helping you uncover fresh insights, leads, and investigative paths.

Security and compliance assurance

Safeguard sensitive data with robust access controls and audit trails, ensuring compliance while facilitating data access when necessary.

A single application for intelligence and investigations into Insider Threats

Conduct end-to-end investigation and intelligence operations with one application, from first referral to case file.

Talk to our Director of Intelligence & Investigations

Matt Horne is our Director of Intelligence & investigations . A former law enforcement leader, he served for 30 years in policing and national security, accomplishing the position of National Crime Agency Deputy Director – Investigations. He is an expert in the domains of intelligence and investigations, with experience leading the most complex and high-risk operations at the national level.