About us

Clue is a world-class investigation and intelligence management application that centralises and links all information in searchable data structures. Our software enables diverse investigation teams worldwide to detect threats, prevent recurrence, uncover actionable intelligence, and progress investigations to successful outcomes at pace.

Detect early, investigate at pace, act with certainty

Our journey started in law enforcement. Clue began as a tool for police to organise, manage and search evidence and export case files quickly and easily. The advantages of digitalising investigations quickly spread to other sectors and industries.

Today, Clue serves a growing global community of investigation professionals across law enforcement, government, not for profit, sports and corporate organisations.

What makes us different

Leadership and best practice in investigations

As industry leaders, we bring unparalleled expertise deeply rooted in law enforcement, setting a high standard for investigative excellence. Our collective knowledge empowers us to address diverse threats across sectors, making us a reliable source of insights and best practices.

Product strategy

Our platform simplifies complex investigative workflows, ensuring organisations run efficient and compliant investigations. We provide timely, context-rich information, eliminating the need for exhaustive searches. We enable users to measure investigation success and ROI, helping secure and expand funding streams confidently.

Heart of the ecosystem

Clue places data accessibility at the forefront, simplifying secure data exchange across various systems. Our commitment extends to representing UK tech in national forums, advocating for seamless interoperability.

Community engagement

Our platform unites professionals to exchange vital knowledge, enhancing their investigative capabilities collaboratively. The insights generated within our community inform our company and product priorities, ensuring alignment with user needs. We also actively contribute to existing communities, broadening our reach and impact.

Diversity of customer base

Our configurable system caters to a diverse user base across geographical, domain, sectoral, and threat-type variations. Despite differences, a shared set of requirements is met through Clue, reinforcing our leadership position. We amplify these diverse voices through product features, communities, and content.

Pureplay intelligence and investigation

Our single, in-house-built application is exclusively designed to enhance intelligence and investigative capabilities. It offers rapid deployment, template configurations for various workflows, and scalable innovation. This ensures that all Clue product enhancements are accessible to all customers, fostering scalability and a dynamic roadmap.

Trusted by

Clue is trusted by 5000+ investigation professionals worldwide, spanning law enforcement, government, not for profit, corporate and sports organisations.

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