Introducing Joining the Dots with Thomas Drohan

Jun 21, 2024
The new podcast featuring frontline insights on justice, harm reduction, and global security.

We are excited to announce the launch of Joining the Dots, a compelling new podcast offering real-world insights from individuals dedicated to pursuing justice, reducing harm, and enhancing global security. 

Published by Clue Software, a leading provider of intelligence and investigation management solutions, Joining the Dots features Clue’s co-founder and technologist, Thomas Drohan, engaging in thought-provoking conversations with a diverse array of guests, all united by their commitment to creating a safer society. 

“At Clue, I have been privileged to work with organisations and individuals who are addressing some of the world’s most pervasive issues, from child abuse and human trafficking to organised crime and fraud,” said Thomas Drohan.  

“In Joining the Dots, I connect with those deeply involved in these fields – the victims, perpetrators, investigators, leaders, technologists, and academics – who tirelessly strive to make our world safer.” 

Launching on Thursday, June 27, Joining the Dots will be available on its official website and across all major podcast platforms. The inaugural series promises exclusive insights and captivating stories from notable guests, including: 

  • Peter Spindler, safeguarding expert and former Metropolitan Police Commander, who led the Jimmy Saville inquiry, ‘Operation Yewtree’. 
  • Alex Wood, a reformed fraudster, sharing how his prison experience honed his skills to exploit tens of millions of pounds from vulnerable businesses. 
  • Sarah Lewis OBE OLY, former Olympian and pioneer in sports governance. 
  • Jayne Cowell, a national security and insider threat specialist.

The podcast will also delve into the experiences of Clue’s own experts, including: 

  • Matt Horne, former Deputy Director of Investigations at the National Crime Agency. 
  • Phil Suddick, a former police covert operations specialist and sports integrity investigator.

Joining the Dots is for anyone passionate about justice, criminal justice, harm reduction, and making the world safer,” said Thomas. “Our goal is to spark stimulating conversations and shed light on emerging trends and challenges in these critical areas.” 

Discover more and subscribe to Joining the Dots on the official podcast page here

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