League Against Cruel Sports

League Against Cruel Sports staying ahead of animal cruelty

The League Against Cruel Sports is one of the UK’s most influential animal protection charities. Its team of highly trained investigators work to expose and bring to justice those behind animal cruelty in activities such as hunting and dog fighting.

The League’s key challenges

  • Increased efficiency: Their disjointed systems led to labour-intensive double entry and lifting of data on daily tasks
  • Quality of intelligence: Intelligence data was often captured inconsistently, making it impossible to spot links or trends in data
  • Better crime reporting: Disparate systems with inconsistent data made reporting on animal crime extremely difficult

The results

50% reduction in admin time

Clue provides a centralised database. Logging intelligence is quick and secure from any location.

Accurate, real-time criminal reporting

Immediate, customisable views of the data. Automatic reporting.

Perfect data integrtity

Clue’s structured, intelligence-focussed database ensures data quality and integrity.

Key features used by the league

Empowering investigators with incredible search and analysis

With the introduction of Clue, all the League’s intelligence is now centralised and searchable in real time. Searching is fast, and asking questions of the data is simple for investigators. Often the intelligence team don’t yet know exactly what they are looking for. Using Clue, they can iteratively layer and refine searches to uncover key information.

“The search function is incredibly fast. We can spend more time drilling down into the data to uncover hidden links and leads”

Powerful, customised, automated reporting

The League regularly need to produce statistics and reports on animal crime to support their many successful campaigns. Clue enables the League team to customise views of their data allowing the production of immediate reports.

“We can produce relevant statistics quickly through Clue. The reports we need to produce evolve and the reporting tools in Clue are flexible enough to evolve with us.”

Simple dissemination of intelligence to other organisations

The League works closely with many organisations involved in the fight against animal cruelty, such as the Police, the RSPCA and government agencies. Sharing information with these organisations reveals a full picture to all investigators involved allowing the community to take a joined-up approach to combatting animal cruelty. Clue makes the process of sharing information and disseminating intelligence easy, fast and secure.

“The quality and integrity of our data has improved dramatically, we have a high degree of confidence in the Clue system.”

League Against Cruel Sports
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