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Our world-class investigation and intelligence management software centralises and links all information into searchable data structures, proactively identifying and alerting you to connections within your data.

Detect threats, prevent recurrence, uncover actionable intelligence, and expedite investigations to successful outcomes.

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Bring all information sources into one application

Clue consolidates data from various sources, including webforms, API-linked databases, manual inputs, and law enforcement, into a unified system.

The Information Register facilitates efficient triage with key data searches and automated connections. Protect source identities with robust Access Control and a dedicated Source Register.


Establish a rich intelligence picture

Begin by creating incidents, connecting information, and utilising Insights and Search tools for thorough research.

The Connect function links records and external data sources to broaden your scope. Visualise connections, log findings, and track actions. Generate graded intelligence reports and collaborate effectively for informed decision-making.


Conduct and simplify fullscale investigations

Consolidate all interconnected records with guided workflows, ensuring procedural compliance and focus on your case.

Allocate specialised teams with our Access Control feature, maintain a comprehensive record of activities through Investigator Notes, and strengthen your case by effortlessly linking to new records or relevant existing ones.


Let's talk

Speak with one of our experts to receive a personalised tour of Clue, including specific examples and data tailored to your intended use.


Quickly create case files and share critical data

Clue provides robust tools to efficiently gather case files, reports, and notices in compliant formats. Our Materials Register ensures proper classification and disclosure of all gathered information.

Safely share sanitised intelligence with partners directly or utilise our API for secure data sharing among Clue users.


Assess your approach and enhance future performance

Review your intelligence and investigation operations using Clue’s insights tools. Analyse and report on performance and decision-making to evaluate effectiveness, allocate resources, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Analyse structured data and visualise trends.


Disrupt emerging threats and improve early intervention

Utilise insights to improve your response to future threats and prevent further wrongdoing. Identify trends to proactively disrupt, including sharing vital information and issuing sanctions or notices.

Securely share data with partners and leverage insights from your investigations and intelligence work to raise awareness.

Core functionality

Clue is the result of close collaboration with investigative professionals, providing robust support for data-driven decision-making, seamless teamwork, and adaptability to evolving requirements.

Automated insights & alerts

Automated insights and real-time alerts unlock invaluable investigation data. Make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and foster seamless collaboration with proactive user notifications.

Mobile flexibility

Take Clue wherever you go with our intuitive mobile interface. Access your data anytime on any device.

Intuitive investigations

Enhance your investigative capabilities with our user-friendly, centralised platform. We've worked closely with our investigation community to craft a guided and adaptable application that sets the industry standard.

Enhanced collaboration

Forge connections with the investigative community by streamlining data search and sharing, promoting collaboration, and utilising Clue's robust tools for efficient data management and secure information exchange.

Data quality excellence

Assure data quality with robust data standards enforcement and comprehensive field management. Leverage data services to capture more information, make connections between data and facilitate record deduplication.

Visualise investigations

Empower investigators with intuitive tools for visualising your data. Easily uncover insights to identify new leads and drive informed actions.

Advanced analysis

Access a suite of data analysis tools for KPIs, metrics, and trend analysis. Gain deeper insights into trends and risks within your investigation data.

Seamless scalability

Grow with Clue as your needs evolve. Enjoy optimised performance and configuration, tailored to meet the needs of businesses at every level of complexity.

Transparency & compliance

Enhance data compliance, quality, and investigative confidence via reporting, system prompts, and audit tools for improved governance and assurance.

“We gather substantial amounts of data, and Clue’s efficient and focussed search engine allows high speed ‘data hit’ return… searching all that data and names takes milliseconds.”

International Tennis Integrity Agency
International Tennis Integrity Agency
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