Our range of integrations, add-ons and enhancements helps you configure Clue to your unique investigation and intelligence management requirements and access the full potential of your system.

Integrations, add-ons and enhancements

Handle and share intelligence more effectively, enhance your analytics capabilities, and ensure you have the support your team needs.


Our Redact (or Retention) function supports your compliance with national legislation, international regulations, and organisational data privacy policies. This suite expedites the redaction process, streamlining your retention review workflow in one centralised location, eliminating the creation of unnecessary data.

Confidential Reporting

Confidential Reporting in Clue surpasses traditional referral channels, providing a secure, integrated channel for incident reporting. Using direct API integration, this feature facilitates secure, direct-to-Clue intelligence with options for confidentiality, while ensuring compliance with public disclosure policies.


Manage case files through Clue's integration with the Crown Prosecution Service's Two-Way Interface (TWIF). Reduce paper- and email-based administration and improve efficiency by submitting files and receiving CPS updates within Clue.

PND Connector

The Clue to PND Connector simplifies access to the Police National Database, eliminating technical complexity and cost barriers while helping you avoid intelligence failure. Quickly integrate your Clue system to share Reports and Crime information through the standard PND interface.

Analytics Connector

The Analytics Connector allows for seamless data extraction. Easily pull data from Clue into Power Query for advanced reporting and data analysis without the need for programming expertise. We can provide ready-made templates covering a wide range of common use cases.

PostCoder API

Our postcode integration functions as an address lookup, enabling you to access information about a specific address and augment it with GPS and British National Grid coordinates. Simply enter the postcode into the Clue search box, and our tool employs advanced search technologies to locate your address within millions of address records.

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