Product release 2024

Automated insights, intuitive management, and enhanced collaboration. Our latest product release delivers new enhancements to streamline investigations.

A focus on data quality, accessibility, and interoperability ensures you make informed decisions efficiently.


Automated insights & alerts

Fletcher automates data analysis, providing relevant insights and proactive alerts to enhance decision-making and collaboration in investigations.

Enhanced collaboration

Fletcher fosters broader collaboration by further supporting seamless data sharing across teams, agencies, and stakeholders to optimise investigative efforts.

Better data quality

Fletcher ensures higher data quality through standards enforcement and improved field management, enhancing productivity and accuracy in investigations.


Prioritising ease of use and accessibility across devices, Fletcher boosts productivity and adoption rates among users.

Interoperability and connectivity

Fletcher enhances connectivity, delivering a comprehensive intelligence picture for investigative teams.

Intuitive investigations

Fletcher continues to refine a centralised platform for intuitive investigations, setting a standard for efficient management and collaboration within investigative communities.

The following enhancements are now available with Fletcher:

Case Classification and Disclosure

Case Classification and Disclosure serve as the foundation for successful prosecution. Crafting a meticulous case file, diligently documenting evidence, and adhering to disclosure protocols are crucial to ensuring justice.

Reduce manual work, improve transparency and gain control with our latest case-building and disclosure enhancements.

Upcoming enhancements

The following enhancements will be made available with Fletcher in 2024:

Data redaction

Functionality to find and redact personal information and materials held in Clue records and attached files.

Email to Clue

Enable users to efficiently bring information received in emails into Clue, to create and update ongoing investigations.

Restricted search

Enable records with restricted permissions to be “searchable” and return limited “restricted results” in a search.

User management enhancements

User experience improvements to make it easier to manage users and teams at scale.

Hide register fields

Configuration options to control which core fields are displayed within a register, enabling users to hide core fields that aren’t relevant.

Field management

Enhancements to optimise field layout to make it easier to manage records and reduce the need to create multiple conditional custom fields.


Alerting users to key events through user defined watchlists.

Search other Clue instances

Extending Restricted Search to work across Clue instances to enable deeper collaboration across Clue communities.

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