Genius Sports

Genius Sports embraces Clue customisation
for sports integrity intelligence

Capturing live match data from thousands of sporting events around the world, Genius Sports is a sports technology giant.

Its extensive suite of solutions is used by sports leagues and teams, betting and media companies in 150 countries worldwide. Betting monitoring is an integral service among them, helping hundreds of sports leagues and federations (including the NFL, EPL, PGA TOUR, BWF and DFB) monitor, analyse and report on unusual or suspicious behaviour.

The goal of the betting monitoring service is to help sports identify and prevent match-fixing and spot-fixing and to safeguard the global sporting ecosystem.

Ready to evolve

Genius Sports’ betting monitoring technology is the remit of its Integrity division, which relies on effective intelligence to protect is customers and alert them of potential threats.

Already delivering effective results for partners, Genius Sports was ready for a system that would evolve its intelligence handling, driving its bet monitoring service into the next stage of evolution.

The Integrity team required a solution that would provide:

  • Customisation, providing the flexibility to store hundreds of unique data points for an extensive variety of sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, and American football.
  • Intervention, enabling the team to move to more proactive ways of working by detecting early warning signs and alerting customers, and surfacing trends and links between data.

“Customisation is a huge part for us, and Clue was able to adapt to our needs.”

Genius Sports
Genius Sports


In meeting these criteria, the Clue investigation and intelligence platform was an easy decision, enabling the Integrity team to organise and analyse vast and growing sports datasets to better leverage intelligence and uncover new insights.

Talking to Clue’s existing partners, Genius Sports was assured that Clue would be ready to configure the platform to meet its unique demands.

“Customisation is a huge part for us, and Clue was able to adapt to our needs,” said Stephen Emberson, Integrity Intelligence & Education Manager at Genius Sports.

Implementing Clue

Migrating and consolidating historic data from across the department into a single platform was a challenging task, but Genius Sports had the guidance of the Clue Services team who were able to provide on-the-fly solutions and add new features to the roadmap when a requirement was uncovered.



Genius Sports is at an early stage of its Clue journey. However, the team is confident it is developing the most comprehensive integrity intelligence platform in the world of sport. With huge potential ready to be realised, the sports data company is anticipating the platform to provide:

  • Heightened efficiency and interoperability between Genius Sports’ Integrity, Trading and Quality Assurance teams, based across four continents.
  • A digital vault that will house Genius Sports’ entire library of integrity risk assessment reports accessible by its team of expert analysts, all indexed against relevant news articles and blogs, match footage and analysis to provide unparalleled integrity intelligence.
  • Better pre-emption and prevention of criminals’ attempts to fix or manipulate sporting events; the new system will produce bespoke reports and dashboards, segregated by individual players, teams, match officials, competitions, and regions across multiple sports.

The Genius Sports’ integrity team are now ready to leverage Clue’s fast and effective analysis to “delve deeper than ever before” into their data and leverage Clue’s data sharing and interoperability to proactively helping to protect their customers and connect the global sports industry.



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