International Cricket Council

Identifying crucial links to protect the integrity of cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) is widely recognised as an international leader in the fight against corruption in sport, and works closely with member boards, players, law enforcement agencies and betting regulators. 

In past years, an inefficient case management system and multiple information repositories meant that they needed a system to enable investigators to focus on countering threats.

Having reviewed their options, Clue was selected, providing Intelligence and Investigations with the tools to uncover illicit activity and build cases leading to disciplinary and legal action by searching across different data sources and managing incidents, investigations, and intelligence in one system.

Intelligence Staff and Investigators now use Clue on a daily basis to store information and search multiple data sources to uncover illicit activity and protect the sport. Clue is used extensively, including to manage data, produce reports, analyse events, and extract information into custom reports for interviews with suspects. It provides the team with the ability to quickly identity crucial links between past and current reporting as part of daily activities to protect the integrity of worldwide cricket.

A representative from the ICC said: “The transition to Clue was very easy. We were up and running quickly, with all the help we needed to upload existing data, configure Clue to our requirements, and train users.

We originally purchased Clue for use in anti-corruption, but now use the system to manage various integrity incidents, cases, and intelligence. The ability to customise the system to our specific needs is great and the support from the Clue team has been superb.”

“The transition to Clue was very easy. We were up and running quickly, with all the help we needed…”

International Cricket Council