Clue welcomes NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services

Jan 12, 2024
NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services provides a comprehensive service to reduce the risk of fraud and corruption in the Scottish healthcare system.

With the support of Clue Software, NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services is set to elevate its intelligence management, enhance system interoperability, and streamline reporting and analysis, ultimately providing better protection for patient care in Scotland.

“Clue is proud to collaborate with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services. We look forward to working hand in hand to elevate their detection, intelligence, case management and prevention capabilities as they tackle fraud and corruption in the Scottish healthcare system,” said Thomas Drohan, Chief Commercial Officer at Clue.

“NHS Scotland joins a growing number of organisations across UK healthcare using Clue. Making fraud less viable is crucial to protecting individual, business, and public finances, disrupting criminals, and upholding the integrity of our public services.”

Clue for economic crime

Focused on detection and prevention, Clue helps law enforcement agencies, corporations and public sector organisations manage intelligence and investigations into threats including fraud, money laundering and corruption, and bribery.

With customers including NHS Counter Fraud Authority, Three, British Council and Companies House, our software helps organisations across law enforcement, corporate, public sector, and non-profit detect and prevent economic crime.

Read more about Clue for Economic Crime or watch our explainer below.

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