Lessons from female pioneers in counter fraud

Feb 29, 2024
Clue Software championed women in counter fraud at the Counter Fraud Conference 2024, sponsoring the Female Pioneer of the Year Award and hosting an insightful panel discussion led by CEO Clare Elford.

Clue Software participated in the Counter Fraud Conference 2024 held at the QEII Centre in London, a cornerstone event for networking, collaborating and learning within the counter fraud community in the UK.   

The event is also host to the Public Sector Counter Fraud Awards. Clue was honoured to sponsor the Female Pioneer of the Year Award, shedding light on the remarkable achievements of women in the counter fraud field. Introduced this year, the award celebrates the outstanding work of women in what is a predominantly male-dominated environment, while focusing on their individual achievements as counter fraud intelligence and investigations professionals.  

Before the award ceremony, we hosted an enlightening panel discussion led by our CEO, Clare Elford, featuring the exceptional individuals shortlisted for the award

  • Clare Jenkins MSc FCCA – Forensic Accountant, Companies House
  • Julie Barnes – Chief Investigator, Insolvency Service 
  • Joanne Hornsey – Investigator, HMRC 
  • Tricia Morrison – Director of Performance & Improvement, NHS Counter Fraud Authority 
  • Pauline Smith – Director, Action Fraud

Key lessons from the female pioneers in counter fraud

Below we share some key lessons shared by the panellists and their diverse backgrounds and careers in counter fraud.

Embrace collaboration 

Effective fraud prevention requires collaboration and data sharing among different agencies and departments. Breaking down silos and fostering connections within the fraud ecosystem is crucial to staying ahead of fraudsters and maximising prevention efforts. 

Passion and persistence pay off 

Pursuing one’s passion in counter fraud and persistently working towards goals can lead to significant achievements and career satisfaction. Passion drives innovation and dedication in combating economic crime. 

Be radical and innovative 

To drive tangible progress in counter fraud, professionals must be willing to think outside the box, be tenacious, and embrace innovative approaches. This is essential, especially given the complexities of regulatory constraints and statutory obligations. 

Maximise collaborative potential 

Leveraging the diverse expertise and perspectives of different agencies through collaborative approaches maximises the effectiveness of counter fraud efforts. Encouraging lateral thinking and knowledge exchange is key. 

Utilise available resources

Make the most of all available resources and gateways to combat economic crime effectively. This includes exchanging information, working together with other agencies, and utilising all available tools and technologies. 

Prioritise relationship-building

Genuine care and building strong relationships, both within the organisation and with external stakeholders, are vital in the counter fraud sector. Investing time in understanding people and their needs fosters trust and enhances cooperation. 

Recognise the importance of people 

People are central to the success of counter fraud initiatives. Whether it’s the professionals within the organisation or the individuals they serve in society, prioritising their needs and well-being is crucial for achieving meaningful outcomes. 

Female Pioneer of the Year Award 

At the awards ceremony hosted later in the day, Joanne Hornsey, Investigator at HM Revenue & Customs, emerged as the deserving winner of this prestigious accolade. Joanne’s exceptional contributions to counter fraud exemplify the spirit of innovation and leadership championed by Clue Software.

Clue Software extends its heartfelt congratulations to Joanne Hornsey for her well-deserved win and commends all the shortlisted candidates for their outstanding achievements. Being recognised as pioneers in such a complex and rapidly evolving sector is a testament to their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to combating fraud in all its forms.

As Clue Software continues to lead the charge in empowering women and driving excellence in counter fraud, their presence at the Counter Fraud Conference 2024 serves as a shining example of their commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity within the industry.

Focused on detection and prevention, Clue helps law enforcement agencies, corporations and public sector organisations manage intelligence and investigations into threats including fraud, money laundering and corruption and bribery.  Learn more about Clue for Economic Crime and watch our two-minute explainer. 

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