Clue Communities: Counter fraud teams explore prevention

Jun 26, 2023
Counter fraud teams from DEFRA and NHSCFA joined us for a lively day of knowledge exchange.

Our Clue Communities bring customers and investigation professionals together, with the goal of addressing common challenges and sharing best practices.

Focused on key areas of interest, these events provide valuable feedback and insights that help us enhance our software and continue to ensure that you are achieving the best results from your investigation and intelligence operations.

Counter-fraud experts come together

Last week, we hosted a customer workshop bringing together organisations from across Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) to tackle fraud-related issues, and how Clue can support in disrupting and preventing them.

Below are some of our own insights from the event, which provided a lively, interactive and engaging platform for valuable knowledge exchange among counter-fraud professionals.

Sharing experiences and challenges

The workshop provided an invaluable platform for DEFRA and NHSCFA organisations to showcase their unique implementations of Clue.

Participants shared their successes, challenges, and future aspirations, fostering an atmosphere of open dialogue and learning. By openly discussing their experiences, attendees received feedback and support from peers and gained a deeper understanding of how to leverage Clue more effectively.

Identifying successes and areas for improvement

One of the primary objectives of Clue Communities is to identify what is working well and where we need to make improvements. During the workshop, attendees expressed their appreciation for Clue’s powerful Global Search feature, which allows for swift and comprehensive data recall. Customers were also pleased with the Charting functionality and reporting capabilities offered by Clue, enabling them to present their findings in visually compelling formats.

However, some participants expressed a desire to further explore and maximise the potential of these features. This feedback among other points shared throughout the day will help shape the development of upcoming training resources.

In the meantime, customers can head to our Knowledge Hub to see our latest webinars and resources.

You can also make sure you are up to speed on what is included in our latest software update. Offering enhancements including File Viewer, Analytics Connector, Intelligence Sharing and Case Classification and Disclosure, Endeavour offers more productivity and efficiency for your investigations.

Driving better outcomes together

The customer workshop exemplified the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the intelligence and investigation community.

By bringing together professionals from different departments, organisations and sectors, and facilitating an environment of mutual learning, the workshop not only identified opportunities for improvement but also fostered a great sense of camaraderie among our counter-fraud users.

“Supporting our communities is at the heart of so much of what we do at Clue,” said Customer Success Manager, Sarah Dimond, who led the event.

“The teams working across DEFRA and NHSCFA protect a portion of the public purse allocated to our nation’s environmental future and health from fraud. At our latest Clue Communities workshop, we gained unique insight into the operations of each agency and a deeper understanding of what they are striving to achieve with Clue.

“It really is a privilege to work with our customers to help achieve better outcomes from their valuable work.”

By working together, Clue and its customers can continue to drive better outcomes and collectively combat fraud and other threats more effectively.

Thank you to everybody who took time out of their busy schedules to attend and contribute to our latest Clue Communities event.

Find out more about Clue Communities and contact our Customer Success team to join the discussion.

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