Clue and Chorus connect to combat crime

Jan 24, 2022
Clue and Chorus Intelligence, providers of digital intelligence and investigation software today announced a new collaboration that enables their respective software to integrate to help combat crime.

The two organisations started working together in 2021 on the Home Office Accelerated Capability Environment’s Economic Crime Campaign. The campaign objective is to coordinate a better understanding of the challenges and activities across government and the private sector delivering the government economic crime plan and to foster a ‘whole system’ approach, so that industry can proactively address these problems, identify opportunities to help, or make suggestions.

The campaign’s ‘model office’ is a scenario-based environment to explore how existing technologies could be quickly integrated and deployed to deliver rapid, cost-effective impact, focusing on the real challenges seen by investigators. A key element of the model office demonstrated by Clue and Chorus Intelligence is the seamless information flow. Following on from the success of that project, it made sense to further develop the integration between the technology platforms.

The collaborative development to improve systems interoperability will benefit law enforcement and other sectors with Clue supplying investigation, case management, and intelligence software and Chorus supplying data collection and analysis software.

The two providers will connect via an Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow the seamless, secure, transfer of data and intelligence.

Currently, intelligence gathering, and data analysis work carried out in the Chorus Intelligence Suite can be easily exported and added to a case in Clue where the investigation is being managed.

Further development work will see the federated search tool, Chorus Search, connect to Clue and allow the searching of digital case files alongside other data to identify commonalities and link people and entities involved in an investigation.

The integration will allow analysts and investigators to speed up all elements of a digital investigation and give them the tools to produce watertight evidence that adheres to disclosure requirements.

Integration and interoperability are vitally important in digital investigations

Integration and interoperability are vitally important in digital investigations with many different systems used to provide the edge to stay ahead of criminals. Data is often held in many different systems so joining them up and allowing the exchange of data between them saves time and ensures efficient working.

It can also give confidence to analysts and investigators that they have explored all the data available to them, from a single location and using a single sign-on.

Clue and Chorus work with most police forces and major agencies in the UK. The collaboration is set to bring new joined up capability and far more efficient investigations to thousands of analysts and investigators.

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