Case Classification and Disclosure in Clue

Case Classification and Disclosure serve as the foundation for successful prosecution. Crafting a meticulous case file, diligently documenting evidence, and adhering to disclosure protocols are crucial to ensuring justice.


Manual processes consume time and resources, hindering efficiency in case-building and disclosure tasks.

Data overload from diverse sources leads to investigation complexity and inefficiency.

Risk of case failure from incomplete disclosure practices.

Management complexity as investigators faced with numerous case materials.

Ensuring accuracy and completeness adds pressure on investigators and disclosure officers alike.

Case Classification and Disclosure in Clue

New enhancements delivered with our Fletcher release streamline case building, allowing easier sorting and classification of items. An enhanced classification filter offers improved data management, simplifying investigations’ search and sorting process.


Enhanced case classification

Recent updates in Clue provide expanded options to display detailed information within the case classification screen. This includes descriptions and relevance of case classification fields and exhibit references, enhancing the management of complex cases.

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Comprehensive case inclusion

Clue allows investigators to integrate diverse information types into cases, including notes and linked records from other investigations, ensuring a comprehensive case file.

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Improved scheduling functionality:

Clue now offers the ability to dynamically order and group exhibits, witnesses, and other items within schedules, streamlining the process and alleviating the need for external organisation.

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Want to see Case and Disclosure in action? Join our upcoming webinar on April 11, 14:00 BST. Our seasoned product experts will demonstrate these enhancements through practical walkthroughs, offering insights and answering your queries. 

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