Webinar: Is dope testing still a numbers game?

Aug 30, 2023
Sports integrity experts will tackle how we can maximise technology for a proactive approach to anti-doping.

Is technology being used effectively to drive a proactive, intelligence-led approach to anti-doping, or is testing still confined to a mere ‘numbers game’? This pressing question takes centre stage in our upcoming sports integrity webinar.

On October 5, 2 PM BST, esteemed experts will assess the efficacy of our present strategies in the battle against doping breaches in sports. Our panel will delve into the potential imbalance between quantity and quality, where valuable time, budget, and resources are expended without delivering proportionate gains in testing accuracy.

From safeguarding the anonymity of confidential reporters to the seamless dissemination of intelligence across sporting domains, this webinar will seek to advance beyond the rhetoric to scrutinise the technology advances at our disposal and answer whether we are fully capitalising on these innovations to create more inclusive, athlete-centric anti-doping frameworks.

Sports law expert Richard McLaren joins the panel

Preeminent sports law expert lead investigator Richard McLaren will join the experts to explore whether technology is being used effectively to drive a proactive, intelligence-led approach to anti-doping in sport.

A former member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and founder of McLaren Global Sport Solutions, McLaren was a lead investigator into allegations of state-sponsored doping at the Sochi Winter Olympics. His ground-breaking McLaren Report shed light on a deeply rooted scandal which rocked the sporting world and featured in the Oscar-winning Netflix documentary Icarus.

The full panel includes:

  • Chair: Greg McKenna, Head of Unit, Biathlon Integrity Unit
  • Richard McLaren, Co-founder and CEO, McLaren Global Sport Solutions​
  • Nicole Sapstead, Senior Director, Anti-Doping, International Tennis Integrity Agency​
  • Tim Naylor, Director of Integrity and Regulation, British Horseracing Authority​
  • Nicholas Raudenski, Head of Intelligence and Investigations, International Testing Agency​

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