Clean Sport Week: Driving awareness around doping

May 23, 2022
Clean Sport Week champions clean sport, education and anti-doping initiatives with sports across the UK.

Use of performance-enhancing drugs in competitive sport is regarded as cheating, and a form of sports corruption.

Against the spirit of sport, doping can also be damaging to athlete’s health.

Led by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), the theme for Clean Sport Week 2022 is “what you see is 100% me”, as a tribute to the majority of athletes whose success is built upon hard work, determination and respect for the rules.

As Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games approach in July, the national celebration of clean sport sends a clear message to competitors: play fair and play clean.

Doping damages sport

Doping makes the public “think twice” about engaging with sport according to a new survey conducted by UKAD, and they are less likely to attend sports competitions, buy merchandise or encourage children to participate.

The negative impact is such that, after racism, doping is rated the second most concerning issue in sports.

UKAD’s Chief Executive Jane Rumble, said: “These research findings are a reminder that doping not only risks the integrity of the competition itself. Doping negatively impacts fans’ views of their sport and affects how we behave and, concerningly also impacts parents’ enthusiasm for encouraging their children to participate.

“These findings are a rallying cry for everyone who cares about sport to act.”

Clue supports Clean Sport Week

Clue supports #CleanSportWeek and we are proud to partner with several organisations dedicated to protecting athletes and upholding standards of integrity across sports, including:

Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC)

ESIC deals with integrity challenges in the rapidly growing esports industry, with particular focus on match manipulation and betting fraud. ESIC now uses Clue as a central repository for all its data, to process evidence requests and generate prosecution files.

Learn more about how ESIC uses Clue

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU)

The ICC is as an international leader in the fight against corruption in sport, and collaborates closely with member boards, players, law enforcement agencies and betting regulators. The ICC’s ACU uses Clue to identify crucial links to protect the integrity of cricket. As well as anti-corruption, Clue is used to manage integrity incidents, cases, and intelligence.

Learn more about how the ICC uses Clue

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA)

The ITIA is responsible for enforcing the sport’s zero-tolerance policy on betting-related corruption worldwide. Using Clue, the ITIA can deep search large volumes of data, including betting and social data, revealing intelligence that may otherwise stay buried.

Learn more about how the ITIA uses Clue

Help protect the spirit of sport and raise awareness of #CleanSportWeek

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