Independent review lauds Clue for sports integrity

Nov 30, 2017
Clue's investigation software was given special mention by The Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis. The review into sports integrity describes Clue as a “significant step in the right direction."

The review was set up in early 2016 by the four bodies responsible for the sport internationally. Led by Adam Lewis QC, supported by counsel from Washington DC and Geneva, the panel interviewed over 200 stakeholders and took the views of over 3000 professional tennis players before producing its interim report at the end of April.

The report gives insight into the state of the modern professional game, and will be essential reading for the many Clue customers who use our system to manage corruption investigations in all fields. The panel concluded that a programme of modernisation – part of which had been the implementation of Clue across the Tennis Integrity Unit – had made a substantial impact.

“The TIU recognised the fact that improvements needed to be made and introduced Clue in 2015,” the report reads. “This decision was appropriate, as was the selection of Clue. It was a programme with which Phil Suddick (the Unit’s Information Manager) had considerable experience and which was tailored towards the needs of the TIU.”

The report goes on to say that “Clue represented a significant step in the right direction compared to the systems adopted prior to that” before adding “The motivation behind the introduction of the Clue system was the ease with which documents and information could be input, as well as the extra search functionality that it would provide.”

The Clue team is delighted to have received such positive recognition from such a respected source. We will work closely with TIU to explore ways that we can help them further as they look to implement the report’s recommendations.

You can access the interim report here.

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