Supported by advances in automated and contextual search, Watchlists will allow users to receive real-time, on-screen notifications when pre-defined search terms are identified in new information sources added to Clue.

More productivity, greater insights

Accelerated investigations

Watchlists streamline complex and repetitive search processes, removing risk of false positives while boosting productivity. 

Enhance investigative success

Watchlists detect previously overlooked leads while continuously search data for predefined terms.  

Proceed with confidence in integrity

Watchlists automate critical search tasks while maintaining transparency and auditability, freeing investigators to focus on higher-value work.  

How Watchlists works

Create & manage

Users can create, edit, and delete watchlists, adding entities like persons, names, telephone numbers, and emails. The system maintains a list of watchlists for easy management. 

Real-time analysis

As new information is added to Clue, it joins the event queue for real-time matching of entities against Watchlists.


When a match is identified, the system generates and saves notifications, disseminating them to all users. A list of notifications is accessible for reference.


The user can review records and files containing matches, with the system highlighting match locations within files for convenient data exploration.


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Innovations in intelligence discovery 

The simplicity of Watchlists for the user conceals significant advances in our Search technology, which underpin the feature and forthcoming developments in proactive Clue. 

Advances in AI

Utilising AI and machine learning technology, including Named Entity Recognition (NER) and NLP, Clue can automatically fine-tune search results by analysing the context provided by the user. The result is a significant increase in search accuracy, saving valuable investigative time and reducing the return of irrelevant information and false positives. 

Contextual Discovery

Clue assigns specific properties to search criteria, allowing our Search engine to discern the nature of the entity being sought or added to a Watchlist, be it a name or phone number. This transformation translates to the delivery of high-relevance search results, promising an exceptionally precise and efficient user experience. 

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