Redaction in Clue

Safeguarding sensitive information is essential in the realm of intelligence and investigations. The disclosure of personal or sensitive data without proper redaction not only violates privacy laws but also poses significant risks to individuals and organisations involved.

What is redaction and why is it an essential practice?

Redaction is selectively removing or obscuring sensitive information from documents or files to protect the privacy and security of the individuals involved. It is a fundamental practice essential for upholding data protection laws, maintaining confidentiality, and preserving the integrity of investigations.  

Recognising the critical importance of redaction to your work, Clue is releasing two enhancements, designed to empower users in intelligence and investigation fields while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations:

Clue Redact Material

Sharing investigation materials with third parties, such as law enforcement agencies or legal entities, requires meticulous redaction to protect sensitive information.  
Clue Redact Material streamlines this process by enabling users to create redacted copies of materials directly within the Clue platform. This feature eliminates the need to transfer files to external tools, reducing time-consuming manual efforts and mitigating data privacy risks.  
Investigators can efficiently redact case files while ensuring the confidentiality of tactics, sources, and intelligence, enhancing overall data security and compliance. 

Clue Redact PII

One of the significant challenges organisations face is complying with data privacy laws, such as GDPR in the UK/EU or state-based regulations in the USA, regarding handling personally identifiable information (PII).  

Clue Redact PII addresses this challenge by providing users with tools to identify, locate, and redact PII within the Clue system. Key functionalities include configurable PII identification tools, task-based workflows, and automation for managing PII redaction processes.

This update ensures compliance with data storage limitations and helps enterprise customers meet their privacy obligations effectively. 

Benefits of Redaction in Clue

Enhanced data privacy management

Clue Redact empowers users to adhere to strict data privacy regulations, preventing unauthorised access to personal and sensitive information.

Time and cost efficiency

By integrating redaction functionalities within the Clue platform, users save time and resources previously spent on manual redaction processes or external tools.

Improved compliance

With automated workflows and configurable tools, Redaction in Clue ensures adherence to data storage limitations and privacy policies, reducing the risk of regulatory fines and legal consequences.

Streamlined collaboration

Users can securely share redacted materials with stakeholders, facilitating seamless collaboration while safeguarding sensitive information.