Environmental Crime

Guarding a fragile planet from exploitation

The pressures of population growth, technology and human consumption continue to place greater strain on the natural environment and wildlife. The role of environmental protection is crucial to conserve, repair and reverse trends affecting the natural environment, ecosystems, wildlife and habitats. Too often, animals in our care require protection too.

Clue for environmental protection and animal welfare

Clue supports organisations responsible for and voluntarily tasked with environmental protection and animal welfare, by helping to ensure that individuals and organisations responsible for illegal environmental degradation, wildlife crimes and animal cruelty are held to account.

“Clue has helped massively as we are now able to share intelligence among a wider range of enforcement partners… [this] involves sharing case information, intelligence, and expertise. Clue is a comprehensive and intuitive investigation tool which is allowing us to build case files and to better manage investigations.”

Veterinary Medicines Directorate
Veterinary Medicines Directorate
Accurate and real-time reporting

Accurate and real-time reporting

Configurable dashboards provide a dynamic and up-to-date overview of all information in your system so you can choose where to assign resources and your team’s next course of action. Data management and visualisation tools such as filters, charting and mapping provide a refreshed perspective on insights to support investigations and awareness campaigns.

Drive successful outcomes

Drive successful outcomes

Coordinate investigations and intelligence workflows to ensure correct procedure is being followed and cases are robust. Tasks ensure team responsibilities are clear and operational pace is maintained. The decision log records the decision-making process throughout the course of investigations to ensure compliance and transparency.

A single application for investigations and intelligence

Conduct end-to-end investigation and intelligence operations with one application, from first referral to case file.

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