Protecting financial integrity

Emboldened by anonymity and access enabled in a digitalised world, criminals have a growing opportunity to exploit individual, public, and corporate finances for their own gain.

Accessible to anybody and affecting everybody, economic crime now dominates crime types.

Clue for economic crime

Making economic crime much less viable is crucial to ensure individual, business, and public finances are protected and illicit criminal funding is disrupted. 

Focused on detection and prevention, Clue helps law enforcement agencies, corporations and public sector organisations manage intelligence and investigations into threats including fraud, money laundering and corruption, and bribery.  

Trusted for economic crime

Our software helps law enforcement agencies, corporations and public sector organisations, and other organisations detect and prevent economic crime, including:

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Providing illicit gain by deception, fraud is a broad and manifold crime directly and indirectly affecting ordinary people daily. Fraud is committed at an industrial level and increasingly by lone opportunists under financial pressure.  

Clue for counter fraud  

The scale of cyber-enabled fraud makes detection and prevention complex. By centrally aggregating data sources, implementing secure reporting, and enabling seamless information sharing, counter fraud teams can surface connections and monitor and disrupt fraud threats in real-time.  

Money laundering and illicit finance

Criminal mechanisms to conceal origins of illegally obtained money are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Money laundering operations motivate and fund further offences, such as drug trafficking and terrorism, while exploiting vulnerable individuals.  

Clue for anti-money laundering  

The digitalisation and globalisation of financial systems presents a vast threat landscape. Monitoring and responding to anomalies, connections and early warning signs from combined datasets is essential for focused anti-money laundering operations.  

Bribery, corruption, and sanctions evasion

Financial pressures in a recessive economic climate and restraints imposed by events such as geopolitical conflict and climate change provide fertile ground for coercion and exploitation of financial systems.  

Clue for bribery, corruption, and sanctions evasion 

Bydetecting threats early,conductingrobust investigations, sharing intelligence with partners, organisations canmaintainvigilance, ensure corruptors are held to account and prevent future incidents from takingplace.   

A single application for investigating economic crime

Conduct end-to-end investigation and intelligence operations with one application, from first referral to case file.


Trusted and secure reporting

Trusted and secure reporting

Implement referral mechanisms that citizens, staff, and stakeholders can trust.

Clue’s Whistleblower Protection Interface is securely linked between your official website and your Clue system via API. Users can choose to submit incident reports confidentially or with full anonymity.

Combine your data sources

Combine your data sources

Converge your intelligence sources and gain new insights from your data.

Clue collects data via manual input or automatically via API integration with external systems – information is structured instantly ready for investigation, while insights tools enable you to visualise your data.

Share data easily with partners

Share data easily with partners

Collaborate effectively and share data securely with other organisations.

Clue allows you to quickly share data, reports, and case files with partners direct via API or export. Intelligence can be graded and sanitised in Clue.

Act on early warning signs

Act on early warning signs

Disrupt threats quickly with automatic link detection between records.

Clue helps you quickly surface risk by identifying links between new and existing records that might otherwise go under the radar. This helps you develop existing intelligence or cases or disrupt threats quickly.

Export reports and case files

Export reports and case files

Produce reports and compliant case files in seconds in multiple formats.

Clue enables you to create reports on click from information in your system, from progress updates, awareness campaign materials, to case files. Custom templates ensure exported documents are produced in compliant formats.

Ensure security and compliance

Ensure security and compliance

Consolidate sensitive information in and ensure auditability and access control

Clue ensures data is collected, stored, and managed in one secure application. Access controls protect sensitive information while auditing capability provides evidence that compliant process has been followed.

Watch: Ian Dyson on counter fraud

Watch: Ian Dyson on counter fraud

Clue talks to former City of London Police Commissioner and financial crime expert Ian Dyson QPM about the rise of fraud and how to combat it.

“Our strapline is: Spot it, report it, together we stop it. The Clue system embodies this and helps NHSCFA and the NHS counter fraud community identify fraud risks – it supports better reporting and, ultimately, helps us in our work to stop fraud.”

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