Corporate threats

Manage unexpected risk to business

Operating a successful business or organisation is a challenge enough without considering unexpected corporate threats, such as misconduct, health and safety management and intellectual property (IP) crime.


Clue for corporate threats

Successful enterprises are those with strong leadership and proper strategies in place to ensure they are prepared. Organisations are using Clue to help to ensure business continuity in the face of unexpected risk, prevent incidents from occurring, manage inquiries, and identify trends and insights to prevent threat recurrence.

Streamlined workflows

Streamlined workflows

Organisations often rely on uncoordinated tools to manage corporate threats which leads to resource-intensive cases and missed trends. Clue provides a central application for all intelligence and highlights connections between data to surface links. Workflow enables you to you assign tasks while maintaining high-level oversight from configurable dashboards.

Flexible data referrals

Flexible data referrals

A range of referral mechanisms are available to Clue users to ensure you can gather rich and varied information. Secure webforms enable individuals to submit incident reports directly into Clue with confidence, while your system is readily integrated with external systems via API for automatic data capture. Users can rekey referrals from other sources to ensure all relevant data is managed in Clue.

Export reports quickly

Export reports quickly

Reports, such as progress updates, notices and case files can be collated quickly and collaborated on in Clue, allowing you to rapidly share reports with partners and stakeholders. Links between information can be highlighted on reports with the additional option to add attachments and data visualisation to provide additional context and detail or a different perspective.

A single application for investigations and intelligence

Conduct end-to-end investigation and intelligence operations with one application, from first referral to case file.

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Clue is trusted by 5000+ investigation professionals worldwide, spanning law enforcement,
government, not for profit, corporate and sports organisations.

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