Capture data from your ecosystem

Collect data securely via referral mechanisms such as webforms and provide confidentiality assurance to information sources.

Once it’s in your system, it’s ready for evaluation.

Develop confidence among sources

  • Simple and flexible referral options with source protection
  • Quickly respond to referrals with automated workflows
  • Data recorded directly into secure register with access controls

Ensure data standardisation and accuracy

  • Unified capture, structure and storage
  • Manage compliance and risk
  • Generate transparent audit trail

Evaluate referrals and data connections 

  • Assign evaluation tasks to team with Workflow.
  • Links to existing information shown automatically.
  • Filter and visualise data.

“Clue helps us to collate, organise, and assess the data and build patterns”

eSports Integrity Commission


Direct data capture

Capture referrals directly into your Information Register with Clue webforms. Information is structured and ready for investigation.

Manual data capture

Rekey reports from a wide range of communication channels and information sources quickly and easily into the Information Register.

Automated data capture

Integrate with external systems via secure Clue API to automatically capture data from other tools you depend on.

Secure and accurate recording

New information is recorded directly into Information Register in correct structure ready for immediate evaluation.

Search and linking

Clue identifies and notifies you of connections between data. All information is searchable.

A single application for investigations and intelligence

Conduct end-to-end investigation and intelligence operations with one application, from first referral to case file.

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Book a demo

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