Product vision and strategy

Product vision

Our product vision is to empower organisations by proactively surfacing more insights from their data, enhancing their operations, and achieving more successful outcomes using a single, intuitive application designed for investigation and intelligence management.

Product strategy

Our product strategy outlines the steps we will take to realise our product vision, with a primary focus on delivering maximum value to our users. To achieve this, we have identified specific product capabilities that we will pursue through our Product Roadmap.

Automated insights & alerts

Unlock investigation data by automatically identifying entities and providing relevant insights through proactive user alerts. Improve investigative outcomes with better decision-making, resource utilisation and collaboration.

Intuitive investigations

Set the standard for managing investigation activity within a single, centralised platform by collaborating closely with our investigation community to refine our guided and configurable application investigation capabilities.

Enhanced collaboration

Broaden community collaboration by helping users search and share data across teams, with partner agencies and the wider investigation team.

Better data quality

Enhance data quality through data standards enforcement, richer field management and use of data services so that more data is captured, and users are more productive.


Continually prioritise ease of use, consistency of function and accessibility across devices to make Clue easier to use and more accessible than any alternative, increasing productivity and enhancing usage and adoption.

Interoperability and connectivity

Positioning Clue at the centre of the wider application ecosystem by simplifying and enhancing connectivity capabilities. This interoperability will deliver a wider intelligence picture to investigative teams.

Want to learn more about our Roadmap?

For more information on our Product Roadmap contact your Customer Success Manager, or find out about our latest major product release, Endeavour.