Confidential Reporting

A confidential reporting system is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent corruption and malpractice. An effective reporting practice is built on trust and confidence that reporting systems and parties receiving reports will protect the informant and act on information appropriately.

Too often, individuals are deterred from making reports because:

  • They fear legal, financial, reputational consequences

  • They believe nothing will be done

  • They are uncertain about how to report

Safe and secure disclosure

Surpassing traditional reporting mechanisms and third-party solutions, Confidential Reporting ensures that Clue users can offer individuals the most secure channel for disclosure.

Simple integration – connects directly to user’s Clue system via secure API, bypassing need and security risks of multiple systems.  

Secure intelligence – data is submitted in raw format with option for confidentiality or complete anonymity.  

Compliant process – ensures reports made in good faith qualify for protection under relevant public disclosure policies.

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