Tackling money laundering with data, intelligence & partnerships

In our latest webinar, financial crime experts from Standard Chartered Bank, RUSI and NECC joined us to tackle the dark underworld of money laundering and illicit finance.

Criminal groups use money laundering and illicit finance practices to fund their operations and conceal their gains, costing the UK hundreds of billions of pounds each year. The malign influence of ‘dirty money’ threatens the UK’s national security, prosperity and reputation.

On June 20th, Clue gathered leading minds in financial crime to explore how effectively using data, intelligence, and partnerships can help dismantle this criminal process. The panel included:

  • Ian Dyson QPM, Distinguished Fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and former City of London Police Commissioner (Chair)
  • Helena Wood, Head of UK Economic Crime Programme, RUSI
  • Nick Lewis OBE, Global Head, i3 – Integrated Intelligence & Investigations, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sal Melki, Head of Threat Leadership·National Economic Crime Centre (NECC), National Crime Agency (NCA)

Learn more about Clue for money laundering & illicit finance, or contact our Head of Policing & Government, Matt Horne.

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