Protecting against malicious insiders: lessons from public and private sectors

In our latest webinar we explore the increasingly complex challenge of protecting organizations against insider threats.

Date: Feb 27, 2024
Type: Webinar

The risks posed by individuals with access to organizational data, assets, and systems ranges from accidental breaches, preventable with robust processes and training, through to malicious acts that cause substantial financial, reputational, or operational harm.

On 27 February at 15:00 GMT, Clue brings together experts from law enforcement, counter terrorism and financial services to explore strategies that prevent rogue insiders from entering your organization and effectively tackle those already inside.

Chair: Matt Horne, Director of Intelligence and Investigations, Clue Software, and former Deputy Director, National Crime Agency


  • Detective Superintendent Tony O’Sullivan, Head of Counter Corruption Command, Department of Professional Standards, Metropolitan Police
  • Tracey Gallagher Carpenter, Insider Threat Manager, Cifas
  • Dean Haydon QPM, Former Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Senior National Coordinator, Counter Terrorism Policing
  • Jayne Cowell, Defence industry security expert

Aiming to provide actionable insight to attendees, the webinar entitled ‘Protecting Against Malicious insiders: lessons from public and private sectors’, will explore:

  • How the risks are exacerbated by increasing complexity such as remote and hybrid working, including the emergence of polygamous working.
  • Identifying individuals deliberately planted or corruptly recruited by malicious entities such as organised criminal gangs or hostile state actors.
  • How to implement successful engagement and wellbeing strategies to support employees struggling financially or exhibiting other vulnerabilities to exploitation.
  • Best practice and cross-sector learning to adapt to your environment.
  • Using data and technology to improve organisational resilience by identifying and mitigating risk factors associated with the Insider Threat.
  • Conducting robust investigations to effectively tackle bad actors.

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