Clued Up – Searching In Clue – An Interactive session

Our monthly workshop series, Clued Up, is designed to enhance your usage of Clue.

Date: May 2, 2024
Type: Webinar

Hosted by our in-house experts on our community platform Clue Connect, our next session on Thursday, May 2, will delve into Searching in Clue.

We are going to run this training event in two sections.

  • Section 1.  We will teach you how to use the different ways in which to Search in Clue.
  • Section 2.  We will provide you with a unique log in to a Clue training site where you can test your understanding and see if you can find all the clues in CLUE.

Join us live to gain valuable insights, ask burning questions, and access session recordings afterward. Your input is vital in shaping future workshops; share your thoughts on Clue Connect.

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