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The Church of Scotland implement Clue for safeguarding

The Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service is committed to protecting vulnerable groups within its community, including children and adults at risk.   

Their aim is to minimise the risk of harm and ensure that appropriate support and training are provided if abuse or harm does occur. In the event of harm or abuse, they work closely with the police and social work services to ensure the necessary steps are taken.

The need for new safeguarding software  

Before implementing Clue, The Church of Scotland had two separate applications: one for managing vetting and applications to the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme, and another for managing safeguarding concerns.  

However, these applications were not efficient in recording workflow from the initial point of contact to the end of that contact, making it difficult to meet service standards and support audit or scrutiny activity.  

Clue for safeguarding

To address this issue, the Safeguarding Service needed a new software package that could:   

  • Support disclosure requirements  
  • Enable recruitment of the regulated workforce  
  • Improve on the Safeguarding Case Management System  
  • Provide safe storage of safeguarding records  
  • Allow secure interaction between groups and registers with the ability to submit audit checklists electronically.  

Implementing Clue for safeguarding   

After extensive research and evaluation, The Church of Scotland chose Clue as the solution to manage their safeguarding service. Clue’s intelligence and investigation application will now be used as a central system to handle enquiries, case management, and recruitment and training.  

Using Clue

The Information Register is used to manage enquiries to the Safeguarding Team. If an enquiry requires further investigation, then an Incident will be created and linked to the Information record. This enables the Church to produce statistics for enquiries and cases.  

The Incident Register is used to manage cases, including safeguarding issues for adults and children. With Clue, the Church can use links to persons, addresses, organisations, tasks, outcomes, and assessments to help manage these cases.  

The Event Register manages the vetting checks and training records for anyone who wants to work with adults and children, from basic disclosure to DBS/PVG and police checks. The Church can also use Clue to manage advanced safeguarding training through links to staff, addresses, organisations, and tasks.  

A safer, more secure Church  

While The Church of Scotland’s implementation of Clue is still in its early stages, the Safeguarding Service is confident that the software will help them meet service standards, support audit or scrutiny activity, and reduce the risk of harm occurring to vulnerable individuals across their 19 Scottish Presbyteries, 3 International Presbyteries, 1,202 Scottish congregations, 26 International congregations and approximately 70 CrossReach (Social Care arm of the Church) Services.

Overall, the implementation of Clue will enable The Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service to streamline its safeguarding procedures, ensuring that all safeguarding concerns are appropriately recorded and managed.

By using Clue, the Church can now provide better protection to vulnerable groups within their community, helping to create a safer and more secure environment.   


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