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Sellafield Nuclear Vital change without disruption

Sellafield is the largest nuclear site in Europe. Governance, security and vetting as well as identifying and investigating vulnerabilities is of the utmost importance. Clue is a key tool in managing the insider threat.


Sellafield’s challenges

  • System security: Sellafield needed an application they could deploy within their highly secure on-site infrastructure
  • Legacy systems to migrate: They had to migrate data from multiple manual systems to a single application
  • Proactive analysis: They wanted to be sure they could pre-empt threats before they surfaced.

The results

Countless hours saved every month

Legacy systems have been relieving hours of manual intelligence logging, double keying and slow search and discovery.

Complete business continuity

Complete systems migration without disruption to daily business

Proactive threat management

Using tasks and alerts in Clue, the team can make sure they keep on top of potential risks.

Key features used by Sellafield Nuclear

Migration from disparate systems to Clue

Clue3 has replaced manual systems and operations completely. We worked with Sellafield to understand their operation and business processes so we could tailor the configuration and workflows of Clue, the implementation process and the training of their team.

Intelligence is now searchable in seconds with Clue surfacing relevant links that would previously have been impossible to spot.

Hosting Clue within Sellafield’s Secure Network

Sellafield drew reassurance from our work with some of the most security-conscious specialist intelligence and investigations units in the world. We hosted Clue within Sellafield’s own highly secure infrastructure. Our staff, vetted to the highest levels, were cleared to work with the Sellafield Security team on-site, aiding the installation and set-up.

Tasking and workflow to optimise productivity

Now with all intelligence and data held centrally, the team use Clue to pro-actively manage all activities relating to the security of the site, from minor incidents to more serious issues. The team can now work smarter through accelerated workflow has meant the department can take on more work with no extra resources.

"Clue’s track record working with organisations requiring the highest levels of IT security and the clearance levels of Clue personnel working on our infrastructure was also important.”

Sellafield Nuclear
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