Clue for Insider Threat and Counter Corruption

Join our Insider Threat and Counter Corruption webinars, and learn how Clue can be configured to meet the needs of professional standards teams in policing.

In this demanding period for law enforcement insider threat and counter-corruption discipline, we understand the additional demands you are facing, and that technology challenges often compound these challenges. 

The importance of a proven operational platform for managing counter-corruption investigations and intelligence, enabling you to surface actionable intelligence, securely share data, detect threats early, and progress investigations to successful outcomes has never been more significant.

Many of our police service customers currently use Clue in counter-corruption, integrity, and insider threats, and have subsequently achieved a positive HMICFRS inspection outcome because of the capabilities that Clue provides. 

The current PND data wash exercises have increased the volumes and complexity of police integrity intelligence leads for your teams to research and triage. Clue has been configured to enable this process more efficiently and with greater accuracy than can otherwise be achieved, whilst enabling collaboration improving data accuracy, and ensuring compliance. 

Earlier this year, we hosted two webinars outlining how Clue can be configured to meet the needs of professional standards teams now and in the future as the police integrity landscape evolves.  

Both webinars were very interactive, exploring the specific scenarios each attending police service is working in. Rather than sharing the recordings of these webinars, we would like to rerun them to answer your particular questions.  

To find out more and arrange a webinar convenient for you, please contact David Batten (Account Executive) or Matt Horne (Head of Policing and Government) here

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