Clue team gathers for January Kick Off

Jan 19, 2024
The annual event is a chance to reconnect, reflect and focus as a united team.

For the team at Clue Software, the start of a new year is marked by a unique event – the January Kick Off.  

Held in our hometown of Bristol, this gathering is more than just a team-building exercise; it’s an opportunity to reconnect, reflect on the past year, and align our focus for an ambitious year ahead. 

Reflecting and planning

The day commenced with a warm welcome from leaders Clare Elford (CEO) and Thomas Drohan (CCO), setting the stage with a journey through the highlights of 2023 and a comprehensive overview of our strategic plan for 2024.  

This initial session served as the foundation for the unity and shared vision characterising the rest of the event. 

Team collaboration

Breaking into groups, our diverse and growing team engaged in collaborative sessions to craft briefs for a dynamic Content Creation challenge. The goal was clear: conceptualise a winning piece that would effectively showcase the potential of Clue Software to a specific audience. 

Later, our teams were immersed in a hands-on experience with our software as we conducted a mock Insider Threat investigation into a fictional data breach at ‘Fairness International’. Thoughtfully created by our team of former law enforcement professionals and product experts, the exercise illuminated the intricate and complex nature of modern investigations.  

Recognition was duly awarded to those who showcased exceptional skills and problem-solving prowess. 

Expert insights

A standout moment was undoubtedly a presentation from the Home Office, a privilege for our team. This session provided valuable insights into how Clue supports investigations and highlighted its wider role in safeguarding vulnerable individuals. The shared knowledge was both enlightening and motivating. 

Meanwhile, our own Director of Intelligence and Investigations Matt Horne delved into the critical topic of Insider Threats, shedding light on the complexities involved and deepening our understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead within this troublesome arena. 

Quarterly Cluedos

Before reconvening after a busy day to relax with dinner and drinks, the January Kick Off provided the platform for our Quarterly Cluedos awards, which recognise the exceptional achievements of our team members.  

With 2024 well underway, the January Kick Off has recharged our team for an exciting journey ahead. With a united and energised team, Clue Software is poised to take on challenges, innovate, and empower our growing user community to protect society from harm. 

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and exciting developments. 

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