Team Spotlight: James Fulton, Customer Success Manager

Dec 12, 2023
We tilt the spotlight on James Fulton, Customer Success Manager.

Customers are at the centre of everything we do at Clue Software, and we have a specialist team dedicated to building and maintaining these relationships.

James Fulton is on the Customer Success team at Clue, working to ensure that our customers get the very best from our product, providing us with feedback and insight on how we can continue to enhance our intelligence and investigation software.

Read our conversation with James below to find out what his role at Clue entails.


Hi James, tell us a bit about your background.

Extremely varied – I was in retail for 11 years, moved on to B2B Energy sales and then Recruitment where I eventually transitioned into an Account Management role which set me on my journey in Customer Success.

I’ve been fortunate to work with a plethora of businesses throughout my career, from extremely matrix global brands to start & scale ups, which has given me access to some fantastic people I’ve been able to learn a significant amount from.

What does your role at Clue entail?

I exist to make sure our customers get the most value out of Clue – through regular dialogue and getting on-site with them to run our Clue Evaluations. It’s exciting to get to see how our customers are using Clue in their environment and assist them in making tweaks and improvements. Internally, I act as the voice of my customers, championing their needs & wants to in turn understand how I/we can help them. Hopefully I’m managing to achieve that for them!

What excites you about working at Clue?

We work with some fantastic businesses doing incredible things – how can you not be excited about working with organisations protecting society from harm? It’s very cool. I have an immense sense of pride working for Clue.

What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

Maybe more secret for those at Clue than previous colleagues or friends… I have a pretty good knowledge of Football, Premier League era onwards, that never comes in handy.

Tell me something about you that most people don’t know.

I’ve met a lot of celebrities from my time in retail – some lesser known and some incredibly famous. Once I met a band calling Bowling For Soup, I think they had one big hit in the UK, only the guitarist was really recognisable and the rest of the band were stood next to him without my realising it whilst I got his autograph. I think they found it funny, at least.

In terms of successes, which accomplishments are you most proud of?

I don’t run much, and when I did, I managed to get my 5k time to under 25 mins. Being asthmatic, sometimes I find it harder to push myself so the first sub 25 mins felt pretty good.


If you’re interested in joining James and the team at Clue, head over to our careers page to view current vacancies. 

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