Clue Awards 2023 – Winners announced

Nov 8, 2023
Winners were recognised across six peer-nominated categories at Clue Connect 2023.

The Clue Awards celebrate and honour the dedication and achievements of our users who are dedicated to protecting society from harm.  

Hosted at Clue Connect, the awards have become an integral part of our annual user conference. This year, we recognised your achievements across six peer-nominated categories, including:  

Clue Champion 

Clue Legend 

Vision Award 

Innovation Award 

Best Integration 

Community Spirit 

 We are delighted to reveal the winners of these awards. 

Clue Champion – Celebrating unity and innovation

The Clue Champion Award spotlights individuals and teams who are breaking down silos and championing teamwork within the Clue community. They are the ones responsible for introducing fresh perspectives, departments, and individuals to the Clue community, ultimately fostering better outcomes within their organisations.  


Individual Clue users from:   

  • British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) 
  • Home Office  
  • International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) 


Home Office 

The recognised individuals have been strong advocates for Clue within the Home Office for many years, highlighting how Clue can assist other teams and departments in achieving their goals. They serve as a point of reference for organisations embarking on their Clue journey, assuring them of its suitability due to its critical role in national operations. The Clue team have had the privilege of working closely with them and witnessing their unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive and engaging training to all users, enabling them to achieve their shared mission. 

Clue Legend – Recognising extraordinary contributions

This award acknowledges the extraordinary contributions made by individuals or teams within the global investigations and intelligence community to the Clue success story. Whether through their pioneering work in product development, tireless advocacy for Clue, or their willingness to share expertise, these individuals have left an indelible mark.  


Individual Clue users from:    

  • Dorset Police  
  • Genius Sports 
  • National Food Crime Unit (NFCU)   



The recognised individual is a dedicated Clue advocate and has generously shared their expertise with numerous organisations for many years, explaining how their team utilises Clue to safeguard the security of our food chain from organised crime and assisting them in achieving best practices. This individual collaborates closely with our product team to delve into use cases and contribute to the continuous development of Clue for the benefit of all our customers. In January, this individual provided our team with valuable insights into Clue in action at the NFCU, offering a fascinating perspective on its real-world applications. 

Vision Award – Empowering progress for a safer society

The Vision Award is all about honouring individuals, teams, or organisations that demonstrate how their use of Clue is accelerating progress towards their goals, ultimately making a substantial and meaningful difference in society’s safety and well-being.  


  • Metropolitan Police  
  • Oxfam  
  • Organisation cannot be named for reasons of secrecy.   



Oxfam has been at the forefront of implementing Clue, using it to search across multiple legally independent affiliates worldwide, thereby safeguarding some of society’s most vulnerable individuals from serial abusers. They have led the way in closing loopholes that once allowed criminals to exploit the disconnected systems and complexities faced by global humanitarian organisations operating in highly challenging circumstances. Although implemented only a few years ago, Oxfam’s determination to collaborate on a worldwide scale is now driving progress throughout the sector to ensure the comprehensive protection of those under their care. 

Innovation Award – Championing inventive Clue utilisation

The Innovation Award showcases how Clue is used innovatively to improve investigations and intelligence outcomes. Whether it’s through process transformations, intelligence sharing, or robust results measurement and reporting, these finalists represent the cutting edge of Clue utilisation.  


  • Amazon  
  • Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)  
  • Police Investigation & Review Commissioner (PIRC)  



The Amazon team bears the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of their vast global workforce spanning over 60 countries, consisting of hundreds of thousands of employees. They consistently explore innovative ways to leverage Clue’s capabilities to enhance their operations. Notable examples include their pioneering use of the assessment register for creating detailed assessments, their adoption of activity tracking and reporting to measure operational effectiveness, and their recent collaboration with our product team to contribute to the development of the PII redaction features. 

Best Integration – Maximising Clue in the tech ecosystem

Clue’s role within the broader technology ecosystem is essential. This award recognises organisations that harness Clue’s power for interoperability, utilising multiple data sources, and complementary technology platforms, and fostering fruitful collaborations with partners.  


  • Genius Sports 
  • International Testing Agency (ITA)  
  • UEFA  


Genius Sports  

The recognised team has spearheaded the full integration of Genius Sport’s Clue data into Power BI, resulting in the creation of valuable charts and reports that benefit multiple teams within the organisation. In collaboration with the Clue team, they have successfully streamlined the process, saving multiple teams a significant amount of time through the production of regularly updated reports. Given the unique data storage and intelligence framework in Clue, they have demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation in devising solutions that cater to all teams while simplifying and optimising processes for the Intelligence team. 

Community Spirit – Fostering collaboration and inspiration

Celebrating the spirit of collaboration, the Community Spirit Award applauds individuals, teams, or organisations that work collectively to identify best practices and opportunities for collaborative improvements, inspiring others with their dedicated efforts.  


  • Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)  
  • League Against Cruel Sports 
  • Rugby Football Union (RFU)  



Clue’s customer base includes a growing number of DEFRA-affiliated organisations that engage in collaborative efforts with us. Together, they seek to address shared challenges, break down silos, and discover improved ways of operating. Data sharing stands out as a prominent challenge that we frequently discuss with many of you, and it’s one that the DEFRA group is collectively addressing. 

Congratulations to all winners and shortlisted. We’re privileged to help all our customers protect society from harm. 

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