Team Spotlight: David Derbyshire, Senior Release Manager

Sep 13, 2023
We tilt the team spotlight on, David Derbyshire, Senior Release Manager.

Continual innovation is essential to provide leading intelligence and investigation software. Our Senior Release Manager, David ensures we successfully communicate and deliver regular software releases to customers.

Below, we learn more about David, his crucial role, achievements, background and more.

Hi David, tell us a bit about your background…

I graduated in 1992 with a degree in Food Science and worked as a Food Technologist and Food Hygiene Auditor for eight years before making a move into IT. Since that career change, I’ve worked as a Customer Support Agent, IT Trainer, Quality Auditor, Support Manager, Change Manager, Release Manager and, most recently, spent 10 years in several Service Delivery leadership roles with Hilton. Between roles at Hilton, I also had a short spell as acting Chief Executive for a small national charity. 

I joined Clue in October 2022 as Senior Release Manager, working as part of the Product team. 

What does your role at Clue entail?

My role comprises a blend of inward and outward-facing work, largely focused on communicating the progress with our product development. I work closely with the Development and Test teams to ensure that we are delivering high-quality and timely releases of Clue and work with our Customer Success and Support teams to help plan and communicate software updates to our customers. 

Additionally, I am working on developing our use of data analytics to better understand and visualise how Clue customers are using the application, to help validate our feature delivery roadmap. 

Success in my role is measured by making sure that customers have the most up-to-date version of our software installed, and are utilising new features, while also considering their feedback and usage analytics to discover how we can further improve Clue.

What’s inspired your career?

My career has always been focused on delivering service or product quality in one form or another. I think my main inspiration is gained from ensuring that whatever I am working on is making the ultimate customer happy. 

When I worked as a Food Technologist, I was driven by ensuring that food was safe and of the right quality to meet the specifications. Since working in IT my focus has shifted toward keeping service users and customers happy with what they are getting, and if they aren’t happy, making sure that we take steps to resolve that as quickly and efficiently as we can. 

At Hilton, the ultimate objective was ensuring that hotel guests had the best possible stay, and here at Clue it’s all about ensuring that our software is reliable and fit for purpose for their important work protecting society in various ways. 

In terms of successes, which accomplishments are you most proud of?

So far with Clue, I am most proud of improving the visibility of our product releases across the business, and of working with some of our customers to ensure that they are getting the most out of new features. I was incredibly surprised and flattered to be selected by my colleagues as Clue’s Employee of the Quarter recently, which spurred me to keep striving for success. 

What inspires you about Clue?

I am excited about helping to improve how we do things and engaging my colleagues with the product delivery process, as well as being able to bring new releases to our customers, enhancing their use of Clue to deliver their objectives. 

Our customers are deeply committed to investigating and putting right much of the wrongdoing in society, and it inspires me to know that my efforts can make a small difference in enhancing what they are doing. 

Do you have any secret talents?

In the late 1980s, I competed internationally for the Under-19 and Under-21 GB target rifle shooting teams, firing outdoors on ranges from 200 up to 1,000 yards. I was a long-range specialist, competing at the 900/1000 yards and 800/900 metre ranges. Representing Team GB on tour in Canada (and coming home as the winning team) as an 18-year-old was a real highlight and something that I’ll never forget. 

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know…

Since I was a student the first time around, I’ve been a passionate advocate for the environment, and I’m currently studying part-time for a master’s degree in Sustainability and Behaviour Change at the Centre for Alternative Technology, based in Machynlleth, mid-Wales. I am hoping to graduate in 2025 and use my expertise in this academic field to encourage societal change to help combat the climate crisis. 

A couple of years ago we installed an air source heat pump and solar thermal at home and switched to an electric car, and at Clue I have recently started to help coordinate our journey towards reducing our environmental impact as an organisation. 

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