Using Clue for investigations into competition manipulation

Aug 16, 2023
Learn how sports integrity teams can use Clue to better detect, disrupt and protect athletes from suspected match manipulation in this free-to-access guide.

Sports corruption poses a significant threat to the integrity of competitive sports – it is crucial to detect and disrupt this wrongdoing.  

Sports integrity teams today have access to more data than ever before. From courtside capture to betting monitoring alerts, this information can reveal suspicious activity when the dots are joined.   

Your guide to investigating competition manipulation with Clue

In this free-to-access guide, you will learn how our leading intelligence and investigation management software supports robust, data-led inquiries into allegations of competition manipulation.  

What’s inside?

 In this guide, you will discover how Clue empowers you to: 

  • Centralise information sources into searchable registers. 
  • Elevate incidents to uncover hidden links and new lines of inquiry. 
  • Manage intelligence and generate compliant reports quickly. 
  • Securely and seamlessly share data with operational partners. 

Access the guide Using Clue for investigations into competition manipulation

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