Delivering a vision-led Product Strategy and Roadmap at Clue

Russell Gould
Russell Gould - Head of Product
May 19, 2023
In his latest blog post, our Head of Product Russell Gould reveals the thinking behind our Product Vision and Strategy.

When I presented our new Product Vision at the Clue User Conference in November last year, there was a tangible buzz of excitement from our customers about our direction for innovating our investigation and intelligence management software.

Our product vision is to empower organisations by proactively surfacing more insights from their data, enhancing their operations, and achieving more successful outcomes using a single, intuitive application designed for investigation and intelligence management.

Guided by this vision, the Clue product team has developed the Clue Product Strategy and Product Roadmap. In a series of blog posts, I will explore our Product Strategy and Roadmap and explain how we will make our vision a reality.

Unlocking data

The Clue application provides the fundamental building blocks and structure to manage end-to-end investigations and develop intelligence at scale. But we have recognised that to satisfy investigators’ demands today, we need to do more to help users and organisations navigate the increasingly complex and data-heavy world they operate within.

The Clue Product Vision commits us to proactively unlocking data collected during the investigation process to drive better outcomes faster.

Shift to proactive investigations

Clue will provide the capability of proactively alerting users to contextually relevant insights that surface information that might otherwise be missed.

To achieve this, we will apply advanced data services and analysis tools to investigation data. For example, Clue will proactively alert an investigator when their subject’s phone number appears in a phone record in a parallel investigation as soon as a new file containing that data has been added to Clue.

A powerful combination of productivity and insights

By driving productivity and surfacing relevant insights, Clue creates a virtuous cycle where Clue is used more, thereby adding more investigation data which then surfaces more insights, creating more value. So, it builds on and on. This is why Clue is different.

How do we achieve this?

To focus our efforts, we have identified eight outcomes that will lead us to our product vision.

This self-speaking and transparent approach to strategy means everyone can directly connect the enhancements we make in each release to these goals and see the progression first-hand. Our priorities are to:

  • Unlock more data by automatically finding entities and other insights.
  • Provide a broader range of use cases through contextual mobile experiences.
  • Proactively alert users to relevant investigation events.
  • Continue to make Clue easy to use and the application customer love to use.
  • Enhance investigation features for an even closer domain fit.
  • Further increase data quality with field management and data input tools.
  • Increase cross-team and agency collaboration with advanced intelligent data sharing.
  • Extend Clue’s position at the centre of the investigative ecosystem with enhanced interoperability and connectivity.

In my next blog, I will explain how we will achieve the outcomes through regular releases and take you down to the next level of detail on the Product Roadmap.

View our newly published Product Vision and Strategy here

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