Webinar: Tackling money laundering with data, intelligence & partnerships

May 15, 2023
Join Economic Crime experts as we tackle the dark underworld of money laundering and illicit finance in our latest webinar.

Criminal groups use money laundering and illicit finance practices to fund their operations and conceal their gains, costing the UK hundreds of billions of pounds each year. It’s time to take action to protect the UK’s national security, prosperity, and reputation from the malign influence of ‘dirty money’.

On June 20th at 2 PM BST, Clue brings together influential government, policing, and financial services professionals to explore how effective use of data, intelligence, and partnerships can help dismantle this criminal process.

Aiming to provide actionable advice to attendees, the webinar entitled Tackling money laundering with data, intelligence & partnerships will explore:

  • The wide-ranging impact of money laundering on the economy, including funding an international drugs trade and enabling endemic crimes like fraud.
  • International corruption and the impact of illicit finance as a tool for foreign influence.
  • Best practice and key wins in combatting the crime across public and private sectors, including operational examples, latest legislative tools and investments.
  • How technology can improve outcomes by facilitating better data sharing and partnerships, and solutions available to enhance intelligence and investigations.
  • Actionable steps for organisations and joint pathways towards tackling the malign influence of dirty money in the UK.

“Money laundering and illicit finance have been fuelling serious organised crime for decades, but with the rise of technology bringing new opportunities for criminal exploitation and the globally connected nature of finance and economies, they have been supercharged in recent years,” said Matt Horne, Head of Policing and Government at Clue.

“’Following the money’ is crucial in combatting economic crime, which is why we have gathered a superb panel of experts from law enforcement, finance, and technology who are well-equipped to provide complementary and practical insights to help us dismantle the flow of dirty money.”

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