Endeavour: More productivity for your investigations

May 2, 2023
Discover the smarter way to investigate with Clue's latest release, Endeavour.

As the leading intelligence and investigation management application, we listen to our community and continually innovate to ensure our users can detect threats early, progress operations at pace and act with confidence.  

Our latest product release Endeavour delivers four new major enhancements that streamline investigations, promote intelligence sharing, and ensure data protection.

File Viewer

With File Viewer, accessing information is now easier. You no longer need to download files locally. Instead, preview certain file types directly in your Clue application.  

Interaction tools in File Viewer mean you can search, pan, zoom, and present information in full screen, all while keeping sensitive data off your device.  

Case Classification and Disclosure 

Case Classification and Disclosure enhancements include richer case-building functionality, expanded classification filter options, and more efficient case bundling for sharing with prosecutors.  

Investigator Notes now provide the ability to search, filter, and sort notes within an investigation.  

Analytics Connector 

With new support added to our Marketplace, Analytics Connector provides a stepping stone to connect to various data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, and web services, and perform transformations on that data.  

This powerful integration can be used to resolve entities, monitor user login activity, and extract and perform analysis on information.  

Intelligence Sharing  

Finally, Intelligence Sharing enables enhanced collaboration between organisations or business units with their own instance of Clue.  

Disseminate intelligence quickly and easily with a graded 3x5x2 intelligence report, automatically assign an Intelligence URN, and receive an alert when new intelligence is available for review.  

Clue users can register for our upcoming Introduction to Endeavour webinars, or if you’re ready join the smarter way to investigate with Clue, let’s talk.

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