Clue CEO to chair techUK Interoperability in Policing Working Group

Oct 17, 2022
Clare Elford will chair the member-led group focused on tackling data sharing challenges in law enforcement.

Data offers increasingly powerful potential in policing. But unlocking it fully requires collaboration and seamless interoperability between partners and systems.

This is a challenge that techUK’s Interoperability in Policing Working Group (IPWG) is dedicated to tackling.

Clue CEO Clare Elford is the newly appointed chair of the member-led group, which will serve as a central platform for driving forward interoperability in the policing sector by “changing commercial behaviour and mindset.”

“It’s really encouraging to see that so many colleagues from industry have volunteered to help move this work forward – finding time in busy diaries to do so,” said Clare.

“Over the last couple of years, the group has been hugely influential in raising the profile of interoperability and winning hearts and minds in the sector.

“I’m now looking forward to working with the new group to see what further progress we can practically achieve over the next two years, working closely with our partners in policing and government.”

‘New and emerging opportunities’ for interoperability

Interoperability, alongside other technology and data initiatives, forms a key component of the Digital Policing Strategy.

By implementing effective data sharing, members of the law enforcement ecosystem can improve business processes, leading to better policing and outcomes.

“The 2020/2022 working group made significant progress in these areas, including building relationships with key senior stakeholders across the Home Office, National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), Police Digital Service (PDS) and with forces,” said techUK.

“The newly elected group will continue to build on this work and also explore new and emerging opportunities.”

Congratulations to all the newly announced IPWG members. The full list of members is available to view on the techUK website here.

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