Bringing the Clue Community together to talk Case & Disclosure

Jul 20, 2022
Clue face-to-face communities are a valuable opportunity to understand what investigations team need from their software.

They form part of our mission to bring our customers together to connect, share and learn from one another, develop processes and best practice, and improve outcomes for common purposes.  

These organised and in-person sessions also enable us to get close insight into the shared challenges you’re facing, so we can enable the best solution through Clue.  

Our latest face-to-face community brought together Clue users from a range of organisations, including police, government and the public sector, to explore challenges in disclosure, and how Clue can help solve them.  

The complexity of disclosure 

Case management and the process of managing materials for disclosure is a vital part of preparing for prosecution and trial. It is a legal process that demands full confidence and compliance. Clue has made significant ground in making this process more efficient and robust.  

However, it was apparent that although the law and process is clear, nuanced approaches – within the confines of the legal requirements – are favoured by different organisations. This creates a challenge for investigation teams to create a single best-practice approach that works in every scenario.  

“Although we certainly weren’t going to solve the challenge of disclosure in one session, there were definitely some learnings across the group,” said Rachel Evans, Chief Customer Officer at Clue.  

“While our aim at Clue is to provide a system that supports users’ needs, we learned that we also need to explore how Clue can help to define best practice and future-proof our product in line with the CPIA rules. 

“As Clue becomes ever more central to a growing community of investigators – we have a responsibility to lead the way.” 

We’ll keep you up to date with developments originating from feedback from the Case and Disclosure face-to-face community. We’re grateful to everybody who spared their time to attend and provide valuable insight.  

Connecting the Clue community 

Along with organising more face-to-face communities to discuss specific topics, in the next six months we are working on building a range of community approaches that we will be sure to let you know about:  

Individual – We’re connecting individuals who share the same challenge, or when one customer has solved a problem and another customer wants to learn more.  

Online – Using our Knowledge Hub, we’re creating communities where Customers can connect, ask questions, and discuss topics in a Clue hosted online forum environment.
Note: we have recently added several new video-led articles explaining how to manage Case & Disclosure. 

Remote – We’re running informal remote communities that connect via Teams video to discuss specific topics or challenges, discuss new feature ideas or capture Voice of the Customer feedback. 

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