Clue shares growth investment story at CyNam

Jun 10, 2022
The Clue purpose is to help organisations across industries safeguard integrity.

Our investigation and intelligence platform is used by a rapidly growing number of customers around the world, but our innovation and growth journey continues as we seek constant improvement for our community.  

Fully realising a global opportunity to digitalise investigations requires support and guidance from partners who believe in our founders’ ambitious vision.

CyNam Invest 01

This week, Clue attended CyNam Invest 01 event in Cheltenham, the home of GCHQ and the largest concentration of cyber firms in the UK outside of London.

Hosted in collaboration with TechSpark, CyNam Invest 01 brought together investors and founders to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange and relationship-building. The event also provided an insight into cyber and tech startups building exciting solutions in the South West region.

Describing his company’s investment timeline, a keynote by former intelligence professional Jeremy Annis, CEO, CTO and co-founder of Ripjar, set the tone of the agenda. Jeremy explained how various funding rounds had supported Ripjar’s growth from GCHQ data analytics ‘spinout’ to a highly sophisticated platform that merges structured and unstructured data to automate the detection of global crime including money laundering, terrorism and criminal networks.  

Among fellow tech leaders Monika Radclyffe (Plexal), Dave Palmer (Darktrace), Dan White (Synalogik) and David Notley (Enclave), Clue’s CEO Clare Elford joined the Entrepreneur panel to share experiences, insights and lessons into the importance of funding for building market-leading technology, and what really matters when it comes to sourcing an investment partner.   

‘We knew where we wanted to go’

Up until last year, Clue has been successfully self-funded. But maturing confidence in our platform and a realisation of the scale of demand for it led the us to source a scaleup growth investment.

Clue was at an inflection point: “We’d had three years of revenue growth. We knew exactly where we wanted to go, and we wanted to get there quickly,” Clare told an audience of budding entrepreneurs, startups, business leaders and investors.

Clue used Scaleup Group to facilitate the funding process, and this resulted in Clue receiving several investment proposals. “We wanted to have an investment partner that could help us, someone that would bring their expertise in, that we could learn from,” said Clare.

Clue secured a significant investment from Frog Capital, a specialist in high-growth European SaaS whose mentorship and support will enable us to enhance and evolve Clue to better serve digital investigations teams worldwide.

As Clue embarks on a new stage of growth driven by this growth investment, we are focused on deepening our engagement in the local tech community as one of 5,000 innovative technology companies operating within the South West England.

Events such as CyNam Invest 01 provide a crucial platform for Clue to both share successes from forward-thinking innovators and take direct learnings from them.

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