Watchlists: Pioneering proactive investigations with Clue

Jan 4, 2022
Watchlists signals our continued shift from reactive to proactive investigations.

As you face more complex threats and greater demands from investigations, we are innovating Clue to become more proactive.  

Driven by innovations including the use of AI and natural language processing, ‘Proactive Clue’ will help you increase productivity while obtaining better insights from your intelligence.  

Announced at Clue Connect Live 2023, Watchlists demonstrates an exciting milestone on this journey. 



More productivity, better insights

Watchlists notifies you in real-time when pre-defined terms are identified in new information entering Clue.  

By removing the need to conduct repetitive, time-consuming manual searches. Watchlists allows you to focus on higher-value work while ensuring vital intelligence isn’t missed.  

“Watchlists is a true game-changer that embodies our commitment to proactive investigations,” said Thomas Drohan, Chief Commercial Officer at Clue Software 

“It will help investigations professionals overcome common pains, from being overwhelmed by data to missing early warning signs, while offering significant gains in investigative productivity.”

Using Watchlists

Manage Watchlists: Easily create, edit, and remove Watchlists by adding people, names, phone numbers, and emails.  

Instant analysis: Whenever new information is added to your system, Clue quickly checks for matches against your Watchlists in real time. 

Alerts: When a match is found, Clue notifies all users on your Watchlist. You can easily access a list of these notifications for reference. 

Review matches: Users can examine records and files with highlighted match locations for efficient data exploration.


Innovations in intelligence discovery

Watchlists is made possible by advances in our Search technology, which underpin forthcoming developments in Proactive Clue.  

Advances in AI: Utilising AI and machine learning technology, including Named Entity Recognition (NER) and NLP, Clue can automatically fine-tune search results by analysing the context provided by the user. The result is a significant increase in search accuracy, saving valuable investigative time and reducing the return of irrelevant information and false positives. 

Contextual Discovery: Clue assigns specific properties to search criteria, allowing our Search engine to discern the nature of the entity being sought or added to a Watchlist, be it a name or phone number. This transformation translates to the delivery of high-relevance search results, promising an exceptionally precise and efficient user experience. 

The future with Proactive Clue

“Watchlists marks a milestone in Clue’s evolution, where our software takes the lead in proactively alerting you to pertinent information and streamlining your investigative workflows,” said Clare Elford, CEO of Clue Software.  

“We are committed to working hand in hand with our community of investigation professionals to make this vision a reality, building a product that makes investigations and intelligence proactive, efficient, and successful.” 

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