Reflections from the Clue User Conference 2018

Sep 26, 2018
“I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic and engaged group of users, even at 5pm when the bar was open”.

The Clue User Conference this year was another record breaker. Let’s start with some numbers

  • 35 – the number of organisations in attendance
  • 45 – the number of new product ideas recorded during the course of the day
  • 34 – the number of suggestions on extensions to existing functionality recorded
  • 12 – the number of specifically identified crime areas represented
  • 4,000 – the average headcount of organisations in attendance
  • 1,205,949 – the headcount of the largest organisation in attendance
  • 2 – the headcount of the smallest organisation in attendance

We would like to thank all who were able to attend our 2018 user conference last week in London. Here we reflect on what was our most successful and well-attended event yet. As one first-time attendee commented:

“I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic and engaged group of users, even at 5pm when the bar was open”.

What really hit home for us is that while we have users from such a diverse range of organisations, there is much common ground, and the challenges of running investigations in the digital age are being experienced by all. It was fantastic to see people sharing ideas, comparing the tools they used, and swapping contact details.

We are very keen to foster this sense of community and collaboration between our users, and this is why we launched our new online collaboration tool which enables all our users to input to the product roadmap and strategy. This approach ensures we will always work on the features that add the most value to our customers.

We recognise that the modern investigator has to deal with more information than ever before, from mobile phone downloads to social media feeds and visual evidence. We will be working on making it easier to review and prioritise these large volumes of data, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence where appropriate. We also recognise that the sharing of information is key, between colleagues and externally with third parties. We are looking at optimising this process, identifying and removing bottlenecks, and building new integrations that support the high volume requirements of our customers.

Clue is a tool for investigators and always will be. As the job becomes more complex, we want to help to filter out the noise and help make our users more efficient, not become part of the problem.

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