Product roadmap


Now is tasks that we are currently working on and will be included in our upcoming 'F' release. These tasks are certain to be implemented.

Data Redaction

Clue's redaction functionality allows users to find and redact personal information within Clue in-line with various data privacy regulations.

Status: Shaping

Case and Disclosure

Classify and disclose Investigation Notes, as well as set the order of items as they appear on key schedules.

Status: Refinement

Electronic Pocket Notebook

The Clue Electronic Pocket Notebook (EPNB) allows users to record notes, draw simple diagrams and capture signatures from members of the public using their digital devices, eliminating the need to carry paper notebooks.

Status: Shaping


Next are tasks that we are actively developing and will be integrated into Clue in the near future. These tasks are still evolving and may take a couple of releases to complete.

Enhanced field management

Greater control over core fields displayed within a register, enabling our users to hide or reorder core fields, customise prompts, hint text and validation rules.

Configurable workflow engine

Function to react to event occurrence in Clue, such as creating, updating and linking records.

Event alerts

Event alert functionality will allow investigators to determine how they want to be informed of critical events in Clue.

UI and Usability

User interface (UI) and usability improvements designed to reduce effort and time taken to complete standard functions.

Third-party data validation

Enhance interoperability with third-party systems to extract data or validate data entry, improving data quality.

Entity recognition in file uploads

Entity recognition can identify certain information referenced within an attachment, search Clue for suggested matches and simplify the process of creating or linking records.

Support for Economic Crime

Further enhancements for Economic Crime customers.

Federated and restricted search across Clue instances

Federated and restricted search across Clue instances.

Future considerations

Future Considerations outlines tasks that we are contemplating and provides a glimpse into our long-term plans. These tasks are less certain and may change based on market trends and other factors.

Field layout

Options to control the layout of custom fields.

Custom fields

Extend the type of information that can be recorded within a custom field.

Information Register update

Enhancements to the Information Register.

Record Access & Permissions

Enhancements to the Records Access & Permissions function.

Bulk actions

Review and update the user experience for performing bulk actions.

Field entity recognition

Support entity recognition in Clue text fields.

Data navigation

Preview multiple records concurrently and enhance search functionality.

Support for Sports

Further enhancements for Sports customers.